Pengegon Institute Trust Community Hall




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Registered charity number 1100889

Pengegon Institute Community Hall

Lower Pengegon




TR14 8RX

The History of Pengegon Institute


The Institute was a former mining support building for Wheal Harriet which still stands behind the building today. It was initially used as a machine shop, probably housing compressors and boilers whilst the upper floor was used as a first aid post and hospital. Later, after the demise of the Cornish tin mining industry, it was converted to stores and offices. The building was owned by the Bassett Estate until 1936 when a group of businessmen and people from Pengegon bought the building and converted the upper floor to a Men's Institute and the ground floor was converted to a community hall.



The building has historical and heritage significance and the trustees feel that it is important to preserve those values while also continually maintaining Pengegon Institute as a community building today.

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